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Our Expertise

Our team is committed to producing innovative solutions designed to capitalize on each client’s brand and positively impact the bottom line. We successfully develop new strategic and technical product offering, as well as improve upon existing digital and operational programs in the private, nonprofit and public sector for emerging and established organizations alike.

Carlin Solutions - Stock Photo 4 T he world is changing more rapidly than ever, creating new opportunities for organizations who stand ready to seize them. Carlin Solutions works ensure that clients are prepared for the changing pace, and remain ahead of the game. We offer clients a range of professional capabilities that address critical challenges, in both event-driven and long-term scenarios. Our approach is to provide unparalleled expertise in addition to innovative thought leadership. Our core competencies fall under 3 functional pillars:

  • Business Strategy and Operational Improvement
  • External and Public Affairs Program Management
  • Digital Innovation and Technology Project Management
W ith a network of over 100+ independent consultants, we can staff a team to meet a wide range of client needs. Consultants have significant experience working nationally and globally, including Central America, Africa and the Caribbean. Our consultants create innovative strategies and manages critical E2E corporate projects/programs with efficiently defined requirements and scope for matrixed organizations with various stakeholders. We are full versed in the software development life cycle (SDLC) and can provide superior digital product strategy and development oversight. We offer absolute integrity with a complete and unquestioned commitment to success.


Business Strategy and Operational Improvement          

Whether your organization is trying to expand into a new market, analyze customer trends or even reorganize departments and personnel, Carlin Solutions, LLC can provide strategic planning, operational improvement and change management expertise for your projects.
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External and Public Affairs Program Management

Carlin Solutions seeks long-term relationships with our clients, empowering us to become knowledgeable, strategic partners in addressing their legislative ambitions and developing a complete political strategy.
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Digital Innovation and Technology Project Management

Our IT project managers and digital innovation experts at organizations prosper through an era of disruptive digital change. It is our belief that nearly every successful company will have to be a successful Internet company. Whether through developing new software products to streamline supply chain logistics, interact with partners, compete in electronic retail or capture market share in the shift toward mobile consumption, every company must have a digital strategy and digital competencies..
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